Investment Opportunities

Who Is Equilus Capital Partners?

Equilus Capital Partners, LLC (ECP) is a private capital equity firm, investing its members’ holdings in assets with vetted and diverse revenue histories, throughout the Pacific Northwest. Equilus Capital Partners manages Private Equity Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate backed by property title of ownership, allowing individuals or businesses to invest in a truly diversified portfolio.

A History of REIT's

REITs have allowed individuals to own or finance properties in a way they invest in other industries, through the purchase of stock. In the same way shareholders benefit by owning stocks in other corporations, the stockholders of a REIT earn a share of the income produced through real estate investment, without actually having to go out and buy or finance property.

Video Credit: NAREIT, 2014

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Is Real Estate Investing Right for You?

Diversify your portfolio with expert-reviewed, Commercial Real Estate investments previously out of reach of many individual investors.

  • You Want to Diversify

    You are looking for ways to diversify your investments by adding real estate to your portfolio.

  • You Are Interested in Real Estate

    You are interested in investing in real estate but lack the capital or knowledge to invest in diverse income producing real estate projects.

  • You Need a Partner

    You lack the experience or confidence to select real estate investments on your own.

  • You Are Looking for Tax Benefits

    You are considering real estate as an investment tool which may generate both income and receive tax advantages.